Ivy Password Reset

If you're viewing this article, you likely received an email from Teliax asking you to reset your password.

It's true. To continue accessing Ivy you must reset your password. Be sure to use the links from within the application (at ivy.teliax.com/users/sign_in) and only click links from Teliax.

The email reads as follows: 

The Ivy team has recently completed a major overhaul to the Teliax Ivy platform. While we're excited to consistently bring new features and better performance, we do also have a necessary request for you to reset your password.

The reason your password must be reset is due to a configuration change on the Ivy platform. We'd like to stress that this was NOT due to a security breach, rather a configuration change during our most recent release.

Password length requirements have also changed from 6 alphanumeric characters to 12. We recommend setting a strong password, including symbols, to help protect your account.

Please contact Support with any questions.

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