Ivy troubleshooting

Troubleshooting on the Ivy platform



All calls are failing.

Is your account delinquent?

Check that your Site is active.

Check the Site ACL.

Check permitted outbound country codes.

Confirm usernames and passwords.

Inbound calls fail.

Does the Phone number have a destination?

Check for SIP registration.

(SIP Trunk) Confirm inbound routes have leading 1 for new DNIS.

(SIP Trunk) Confirm your PBX is Comfort Noise capable or disable CN.

Outbound calls fail.

See “All calls are failing.”

(Asterisk) Check the Realm. (“fromdomain=[your-site-name].ivy.teliax.com”)

Account is delinquent with positive balance.

Wait 5 minutes to see if the account status changes.

DNS is not resolving.

Changes to Thin Client take at least 5 minutes to propagate.

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