Ivy and Dashboard: A side-by-side comparison

Ivy and Dashboard:
A side-by-side comparison

The Teliax Ivy platform is born from years of telecommunications and software development experience. The result is a thoughtfully designed, complete, hosted PBX.

Current Dashboard users will recognize many of the design elements and enjoy several improvements. We’ve outlined some of the major differences between Dashboard and Ivy.

Focused around organizations

Ivy is designed to allow multiple users access to the same account, as an administrator or a user. Multiple locations can use the same account and each have their own Site -- a collection of phone numbers, extensions, and other calling features each with a unique DNS name.

Ivy: One organization. Many users. Multiple sites. One statement.
Dashboard: Multiple users...if you give them the username and password.

Intuitive billing

Easy-to-read statements sent to you at the end of every billing cycle. Export statements show a fully itemized list of every debit and credit to your account. Plans show you the remaining resources available for the month.

Ivy: Monthly statements, stored forever. Notifications before service is suspended.
Dashboard: No statements. No invoices. Hardly any notifications.

A fast, clean, and simple interface

Get what you need, faster. Sites display all of your phone numbers, extensions, and other calling features on the same page. Every page has detailed help, so you’re never lost.

Ivy: Built from the ground-up to be smart, friendly, and useable.
Dashboard: Slow to load, slow to get through multiple pages, lots of jumping around.





Carrier-grade call quality

The 5x5 high-definition-capable backend that powers all Teliax calls

Multi-user and multi-site support

Many users, multiple locations, one account.


Statements and line-item billing

Understand what every charge is for and where every payment was applied.


Email notifications

Be notified before your account is suspended.


Strong security and fraud protection
Ivy’s ACL and Outbound Country Code list provide serious protection against fraud.

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