Ivy 2.9 Release notes (April 2015)

Ivy Version 2.9 Release notes (April 2015)

Teliax and the Ivy team are pleased to deliver the latest version of Ivy. Please read on for more details.


2.9 adds the first version of a well-known Teliax security technology (card verification) and a style update.

Release summary

Card verification
We're planning to allow Open Sign-Ups soon. In preparation for this, we've researched several ways to help keep customers and Teliax safe without adding too many hurdles or frustrating nonsense. We've settled on a technology that we know works and that many of our existing customers are familiar with. Card Verification is currently optional in Ivy, but will be mandatory soon. We've updated our documentation and simplified the process (authorization payments are made as soon as you add the card) to help the transition.

Style updates
You'll notice a more consistent style throughout the application. Our design team has been hard at work on the Ivy Style Guide. Customers will be able to navigate faster, and our developers will be able to maintain and update our codebase more efficiently.

Bug fixes

  • Sites are now saved properly
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