Adding a credit card to your Ivy account

Although there's no cost to have or use an Ivy account, most services and features have an associated cost. Currently, Ivy supports payment using most major credit cards. This article will show you how to add a credit card to your Ivy account.

1. Start by getting logged in to your account at

2. From the main menu on the left, select Billing, then Payments.

3. From the Payments page, click Add New and select New Credit Card.


4. Add your card details and set a priority for the card. Priority determines the order in which the system will attempt to process the card if you have multiple cards on your account.


5. Click Enter to add the card to your account. If there are errors, you may need to re-enter your card information.

6. Once your card has been added, it will need to be verified. The system will automatically make an authorization charge between $1.00 and $2.00 on your credit card.


7. Check your bank statement for the verification charge amount. The charge will display as "Telecommunication Service."
Tip: Since the verification charge is an authorization-only charge it might show up on the "Holds" section of your online banking account.


8. Back in Ivy, click the "Verification Required" button.

9. Enter the verification amount and click Enter.


10. If the amount is correct, your card will be successfully verified.


That's it! Your card has been added. If the verification was successful, the card will be active and ready to use immediately.

The charge used for verification is an authorization-only charge. This means it will not be submitted for processing and will be voided the next day. The charge may appear on your credit card account for several days. It's a lot like the $1.00 charge on your credit card when you use your credit card at a gas station. Only actual payments submitted by you or automatic payments made by the system using your auto-recharge settings will be submitted for processing. Contact support if you have any questions.

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