Ivy 2.8 Release notes (March 2015)

Ivy Version 2.8 Release notes (March 2015)

Teliax and the Ivy team are pleased to deliver the latest version of Ivy. Please read on for more details.


2.8 is a small yet significant release for Ivy. With this release we are now able to offer international DIDs. Additionally, the Bonsai call routing system has been upgraded to a newer version which should enhance stability.

Release summary

Email notification enhancements
Customers will receive multiple notices when their account has gone delinquent. The notifications will provide notice as to when the account will be suspended so customers are afforded ample time to log in and rectify the issue or contact Support before suspension.

Customers will also receive notification when their account has been closed, along with a link to access their most recent statements.

International DID provisioning
It's here! Customers can now purchase international DIDs from the Numbers interface. When you're logged in, head to your Site, add a new Number, and use the Category drop-down to select International. A number will be added to your account. Due to restrictions on how international numbers are ordered, we can't allow choice of a specific number.

Improvements to Plans views
Customer plans now show a notice for plans that can't be removed. Additionally, a visual representation for resource usage has been added. Removed packages display a countdown until they are removed from the account.

Bug fixes

  • Schedules are now saved properly
  • Multiple DNS entries on some sites have been fixed
  • Inactive customers will not be sent email notifications
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