Email Notification Thresholds

How do email notifications work?

Email notifications work on the simple basis of, when a note is placed on your account, you will receive an email if the note meets a certain threshold that you can set. You can set threshold and email addresses on the Account page.

There are five types of notifications:

- Error: This is the lowest level. These are automatically generated if there is an error on your account, or with a payment. You're always going to get these.
- Warning: Card processor warnings, like a payment being declined.
- Notice: The default notification threshold. These are things like payments and account state changes.
- Message: Teliax-created messages, like password resets.
- Change: This was a planned feature that never saw implementation. It won't hurt to use, but you won't get any extra information.

The notifications are sent to the email address just above the threshold selection. You can use multiple email addresses, just separate them with a comma.

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