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The Management section allows you to view or edit your account information, make payments, add, remove, or update credit cards, set up auto recharge, view your current bill and billing history, add, remove, or view your current packages, view your call history, and migrate your old Teliax phone numbers and balance into your new account.


When you enter the Account section, you're given the option to update your email address, contact number, and password. If you make any changes here, you'll need to enter your password twice.

Login: This shows your login username. This cannot be changed.
Password and Password Again: If you make any changes to your account information here, you'll need to enter your password twice. If you want to change your password, enter a new password twice.
Email: Updates the email address we send information to.
Contact Number: A phone number where you can be reached.

To update information, click the "Update" button. You'll be taken back to the Dashboard.


The Payment section allows you to make a payment, turn on or off Auto Payment, and add, update, or remove credit cards.

Making a payment is simple. Enter the amount you want to pay, which card you'd like to use, and the CVV code on the back of the card, and click the Pay button.

Auto Payment: We can automatically charge your card when your account reaches a certain balance. Enter the minimum balance you wish to have on your account, and the minimum payment you'd like to make, then click Submit.

To add a new card to your account, click New. Enter a name for the card (Account Name), and the name and address as it appears on your card statement. When you click Create, the card will be added, but you will still need to verify it.

If you have multiple cards, you can drag and drop them to change the billing order.

To edit a card, click the green button. To remove a card, click the red button.


The Billing section allows you to view your active bill and billing history.

You'll see your previous balance, payments, charges, usage, and ending balance.

Charges are deductions from your account for numbers, additional devices, or anything not included in your plan. Click on Charges to view details.

Usage includes charges for minutes used that are not included with your plan. Click on Usage to view details.

You can also make a payment from the Billing section.


The Packages section allows you to view your current packages, and your current rate deck. You can also add or remove packages here.

To add a package, click 'New' and select the package you'd like to add. To remove a package, simply click Delete.

Call History

The Call History section allows you to view or download your call history.

To download your call history, just click Download.

Legacy Migration

If you have an older account with Teliax, you can migrate in any numbers you have, and your balance as well.

To migrate your old account, enter the 1.0 account number and password, then click Verify. Your DIDs and balance will be brought over, and your old account will be closed.

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