Migrating to Dashboard

How can I migrate my phone numbers and available balance from Legacy to Dashboard?

Find a handy checklist attached to this post. Download and follow along!

First, you'll need to create an account on Dashboard.
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Enter your account information, and create the new account. You can choose the same username and password you had on Legacy. Remember this password, because it won't be displayed to you.

You will receive an email with a link to activate your Dashboard account. Click it to get logged in to Dashboard. 

Since you are considered a first-time user, you will need to complete credit card verification. When you signed up, you provided information for a credit card to use for your billing. We charged the cost of your first month's use (or $10.00 with Pay-As-You-Go) plus a few cents more as a verification charge. You need to provide Teliax with the total amount charged to your card - for example, if you opened a Pay-As-You-Go account you'll have been charged between $10.01 and $10.99 - like $10.25. Enter the charge amount in the payment verification box. You'll be locked out after 3 tries and will need to contact us for support.

Once your account is created, you'll want to get familiar with the new interface. The same Legacy features are available plus many more, as covered in our Dashboard Documentation, available here: https://teliax.zendesk.com/forums/163320-Dashboard-Documentation

After you're comfortable navigating the Dashboard, you can migrate in your phone numbers and balance from your Legacy account.

On the left side navigation bar, look for the Management section. The last option is Legacy Migration. Click Legacy Migration, and enter your Legacy account number and password.

When you click Submit, your balance and any DIDs you have will be rolled over into the new system, and your old Legacy account will be closed.

If you're migrating your phone or phone system to Dashboard, be aware of some technical changes:

- The proxy you connect to has changed - den.teliax.net, atl.teliax.net, nyc.teliax.net, lax.teliax.net replace the older voipx.teliax.com proxies.
- It's likely your SIP/IAX username/password have changed - check your Devices page!
- If you need DNIS support, it must be enabled on your Device. 
- Features like Voicemail or entries for Follow-Me are NOT SAVED and NOT MIGRATED. 

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