Asterisk SIP trunk settings

SIP trunk settings

These trunk settings work for Asterisk and similar platforms. It's a very basic configuration for use with the IVY or Dashboard platforms. These can be entered in the Outbound Settings of your Asterisk GUI, or in your sip.conf file.

By virtue of the "type=friend" these settings should work for both inbound and outbound calls. A link is provided below to download an example sip.conf.

; Explicitly disallow all codecs.
; Allow only PCMU codec.
; Handle calls with this context.
; Enables inbound and outbound calls.
; Allows inbound calls from provider.
; Sets DTMF mode to best compatibility.

; Authentication settings
username=[your device or SIP trunk login]
secret=[the password associated with the same]
host=[your IVY Site DNS name or Teliax Dashboard proxy]
fromdomain=[your IVY Site DNS name] (This is required for IVY sites)

Registration string

To send registration for inbound calls, you'll want to set your registration string.


In an Asterisk sip.conf, you'd set a registration string like this:

register => username:password@ivy-dns-name/username

Dashboard customers would need to use their Dashboard proxy (like in place of their ivy-dns-name.

The fine print

These settings are provided as a courtesy. Teliax makes no guarantee that these particular settings will work for you. While most Asterisk-based systems are very similar, each installation has its own quirks and each Asterisk administrator might have their own way of doing things. We encourage you to learn as much as possible about your Asterisk installation and to customize it to your needs.

If configuring your Asterisk installation has you going in circles, consider contacting Teliax to learn more about our Hosted PBX platform, IVY.

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  • 0
    James R. Twine

    If you are having problems getting incoming calls to work with the above setup information, but outgoing is working fine, try using the device username in the register string instead of just your Teliax username.

    -=- JRT

  • 0
    Keith Murray

    Using FreePBX, I was able to register and call out but inbound wouldn't work. Turns out the Destination under the Numbers setting was not correct. Fixed that and inbound worked. Just an FYI.


  • 0
    Tom Rymes

    "These settings work best for Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6." -- And what about later versions?

  • 0
    Craig Berryman

    Tom -

    I have a couple customer cases using 1.8 and 1.11, the configurations above work for them. 


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