Ivy 2.1 Release notes (June 2014)

Ivy Version 2.1 Release Notes (June 2014)

Hello everyone! Teliax and the Ivy team are decidedly delighted to deliver the latest version of Ivy. Look for completion of Customer billing information, including rates, PDF statements, CSV exports, recent activity, and whitelabel support for statements.


The first round of statements have arrived on all customer accounts. You can find them on the [Billing > Statements] page. Read more below!

This wraps up a major portion of our billing system upgrades. As always, we encourage any feedback you might have -- just email feedback@teliax.com with your thoughts!

Release summary

Statements for customers!
On a monthly billing cycle customers can download their statement describing all billable activities (payments, packages, resource usage) for the previous 30 days. Billing activity is also available as a .csv download.

Partners - set a logo for your statements
You can already customize everything about your portal -- the very least we could do was allow you to add your custom logo to customer statements! Check your [Web Settings > Style] page to provide a link to your custom image. If there's no logo provided we'll just use your Partnership name instead.

Customer recent activity
Wondering what was added in between statements? How much was that last payment for? Did I make two calls, or five? Answer these questions and more with the new Recent Activity view.

Customer rates page
Customers can now see a basic listing of available rates for all items they would be charged for. The application will show the rate which makes the most sense for the customer, showing the a la carte rate as set by the Partner, however if no Partner rate is provided the default system rate will be displayed in its place.

PBX channel limit updates
PBXes were previously limited to 10 channels. Customers can now set up to 100 channels for PBXes, anything additional would require a custom solution designed by Teliax.

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