Ivy 2.0 Release notes (April 2014)

Ivy Version 2.0 Release Notes (April 2014)

Hello everyone! Teliax and the Ivy team are pleased as punch to deliver our newest version, including some incredible new features and user experience improvements, along with the usual bug fixes and general platform improvements. Read on...
Due to the nature of our system changes there will be a planned maintenance period (March 31st-April 1st) associated with the production delivery of Ivy 2.0.
Release summary
A faster, smarter experience
Essential pieces of the application have been re-designed with speed in mind. Pages are simple and easy to navigate, and all sections have an associated in-line help page. We don't think you'll need it, but it's there if you do. Common actions and items have been grouped together to minimize clicking around to find what you want. Custom changes to colors, logos, text, and more are an easy way to brand the application as your own -- or, take total control and provide your own CSS to make the application completely yours.
Obvious, concise, and up-to-date billing
Customers have one page to manage their plan, customize it with add-on packages, and quickly determine current usage and future needs. All monthly costs are clear and customers can see exactly what it is they're about to purchase. Frequent billing updates (every five minutes) ensure customers are billed accurately, accounts stay active, and partners can enjoy a shorter feedback loop on customer accounting.
Provide account-level support to your customers with one click
Can't quite explain how to configure an ACL and allowed destination list to your customer? Click "Support Login" next to their account in your Customers list to be instantly logged in as an administrator on their account and take care of it for them. Process payments, review invoices, manage plans -- anything your customer might need an assist with, you have full account-level access to help. When you're using the support login, the application reacts appropriately. The standard navigation links make your support login activity obvious and allows you to return to your customer account listing with one click.
Flexible and intensely customizable price deck and plan creation
Instantly add pricing for every phone system feature or call type in two steps -- click New Price Deck, and give it a name. Assign different customers to different price decks based on their needs or your available resources. Dynamically mark up base pricing using a percentage, or statically set dollar amounts or fractional cents (up to 1/1000th). Provide unlimited domestic U.S. calling and bill for the allocated channels. Build plans and submit them to your account manager for a pre-flight check and approval. Immediately see the base cost and what your customer would pay for each individual item and price accordingly. Provide your customers with add-on packages to customize your plans around their requirements. There's even support for billing items you sell outside of the phone system, like internet or hosting services, installation, equipment rental...or anything else you might offer. And, whenever a new feature is released, a quick edit and save of your price deck allows you to sell it right away without changing your existing model.
Application and platform improvements
Navigation and layout consistency
No matter where you are in the application, it's easy to move around and the most important information and actions are displayed at the top. Stop clicking around and start getting things done.
Database upgrades
Several changes to database and storage backends offer faster performance and help guarantee longevity, speed, and usability well into the future.
Infrastructure upgrades and changes
...many of which are transparent to system users except in the form of application responsiveness and availability.
Smarter invoicing
Invoices have been modified to display summary information and a better separation of monthly/one-time charges.
Customer account filtering
Partners can filter customers by recent, active, inactive, or all.
Recent payment history
Past payments, status, and description are all available from the Customer billing page.
Your account may see some changes
Some of the changes to billing and the database backend require some heavy lifting behind-the-scenes. Expect your billing date to be reset (don't worry, you won't be double-charged) and account number(s) to be changed. This release is mostly billing-related, so sites and call routing won't see any changes.
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